Monday, January 4, 2010

The Shape of Things to Come!

I cannot believe how much drawing everyday has improved my confidence in drawing! I actually think I have drawn more over break then I ever have during school. All of these drawings are successful because I started with BIG shapes! Its like trying to make a pizza slice by slice, it might taste alright but you wont get a consistently good slice, start with the bigger idea! Anyways, here are two cars a buggy thing inspired by the way cars sometimes look in manga and a hover Audi that looks a little too retro for me. The spaceship is inspired by Axelay for the SNES and this idea I had for a bubble cockpit. It helped so much to try and think of the whole gesture of the spaceship rather than trying to perfect the cockpit design like I was at first. So I drew a couple little spaceships off to the side using just shapes; I knew I wanted the boosters to go underneath so it felt like i was on top of them, and a long spirey fuselage. With the whole thing seeming pretty stable i had an easier time working on the details!


  1. hey zach! 3 things: 1- this is awesome! pumped to hear you're drawing so much! you'll only get better and better.
    2- check out this blog...the guy shows tons of his designs for an animated short he worked on called "Burning Sarfari." you can tell he thinks the same way you are here: basic silhouette.
    3- are we gonna see a final for your icon piece?

  2. those poor robots ! haha ! thanks that blog is amazing, such efficient line ! WOW ... and yeah I will get something on here as soon as I can !