Tuesday, March 23, 2010

alright, a new challenge if you're up to it.

so here are a couple of artists that do a fantastic job with one day sketch illustrations. they're not done for work, simply to challenge themselves in their free time! in an afternoon of free time they can whip out some pretty solid work, y'think we can do the same? it's all about consistent practice and perseverance! so this first guy is pascal campion, i met him in california...gave me some of the best advice for storytelling i've ever heard. the next guy is new to me, warwick johnson. cool name, eh?



so if you want a new challenge, let's do an illustration in....two hours. one hour if you want to be a superhero. notice how these guys aren't getting real detailed...it's simple, bold information. maybe only two colors, real gestural in their acting, and the values clearly separate objects, zoning in on the focal points.

no theme, do what you want....but impress us!


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  1. Ok...I'm waiting...I do check this Super Stellar Sketcherino for all you arteests' new posts. I look forward to seeing your work!